Film Making 101: Pt. 3 Script Format Example

June 11, 2012 in Film Crew, Film Making, film making book, film student, homeschooler, Make a Movie, Movie Script Format, script format example

Script Format Example – Now that we’ve done some brainstorming in preparing to make a movie, let’s talk about putting our ideas into script format. Once you’ve determined the plot line and identified the beginning, middle, and end, you will go on to crafting the individual story events into scenes for the script.  (You can learn more in the film making book, Film Crew.)

Standard script format varies a bit among different genres, such as screenplay for short films and movies, teleplay for television, documentary scripts and so on. There are many screenwriting software programs to choose from. Most of them will let you choose the format that suits your type of project and they all pretty much do the same thing. You can join our newsletter to learn more about the latest, lowest cost, and even free screenwriting software programs currently available to automatically format your movie script. Getting familiar with a screenwriting program that you are comfortable with is a great way to easily begin structuring your story elements into industry standard script format. You will quickly get a feel for the primary elements you will see used over and over in most forms of screenwriting. The big three are; Action, which is text describing what is taking place as well as details of the setting and what the characters look like, Character, where the character’s name is placed, and Dialogue, which of course is the scripted words that the characters will speak.

Nicholas George plays the Undertaker in the Banking Bad series

Nicholas George starring in Banking Bad

This is a sample of a proper script format example  from a web series called “Banking Bad”. The script is a hybrid of a documentary style short with more of a traditional end scene written in standard screenplay format. Here is a partial script sample of the end scene from that script:


Seated at the desk is an attractive UNDERTAKER, with long, dark hair slicked back into a ponytail. CREEPY ORGAN MUSIC plays in the background as he paints the toenails of a skeleton foot on his desk with black nail polish.

Dee walks in with a shirt and a tie on and is helped into his seat by an incredibly attractive UNDERTAKER’S ASSISTANT. The undertaker addresses him without ever looking up.

                        How can I help you?

                        I’m here to obtain a death certificate.

                        Whom is the death certificate for?



                        Yes. Make it for today, and make it for myself.


To Be Continued…

Take advantage of the many online resources that provide access to download screenplays for existing movies in order to study how successful screenwriters have crafted the elements of story into screenplay format. If you are a film student or homeschooler, talk to your parents or instructor about free screenwriting software programs offered to many film students.