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Film Making Book, Film Crew: Fundamentals of Professional Film and Video Production is currently available in both print and electronic formats.

Thank you for selecting FILM CREW as your fundamental movie making book of choice for your film and video course! Please consider the EPUB3 version as it is now being used in many film programs.

All of the positive feedback from film school, high school, and video production course instructors is greatly appreciated. Film making programs and video production workshops have enjoyed excellent results after including the “Film Crew” movie making book as part of their filmmaking and video production course curriculum.

Our publisher is offering free review copies of our book to qualified filmmaking instructors of film school programs and video production related courses that are considering a new filmmaking book for their programs.

We encourage you to discover what many film and video production course instructors already know; this book provides a straight forward, nuts and bolts approach to the craft of movie making. If you would like to take advantage of this limited time offer, submit your request along with mailing instructions via the contact form below. Please include a link to the staff directory of your learning institution or some other form of verification that you are currently an instructor of a film or video production course.

You are welcome to send comments, questions, and general inquiries to us atĀ

Thank you again for your interest and continued support!


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