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What if you could learn many of the fundamentals of movie making in about the time it takes to watch a single, feature-length film? If you are interested in filmmaking, movie making, short films, or film and video production, then Film Crew may be your low cost ticket into an exciting new film industry career. There are a quite a few movie making books currently available, but many of the filmmaking books on the market today are older and are not up to date with some of the changes that have taken place in the digital film making age. Film Crew mixes technical knowledge and standard film industry terms taught in film school with practical applications and budget-saving film making tips.  All of this is accomplished in a short, easy-to-read filmmaking book.

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If you are an independent filmmaker, who doesn’t quite have the tuition for Los Angeles Film School or New York Film School, you can still take a step toward a great career in filmmaking with one of the top filmmaking books for under $25 dollars. Whether you’re a filmmaker in a smaller city, or a major movie making hub like Los Angeles, Atlanta, or New York, this filmmaking book is in stock, available to ship, and right now qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping on So get your copy of Film Crew today, and be a better filmmaker tomorrow!

See what other readers had to say about Film Crew:

5.0 out of 5 stars A “Movie Making” gem, Film Crew is like a pocket film school. 
Karen (San Francisco, CA)
This review is from: Film Crew: Fundamentals of Professional Film and Video Production (Paperback)
This was a quick, but thorough, little video production book. Film Crew covered the movie making process from start to finish in about 130 pages or so. I had already taken a basic video production editing class but this was more about the process of filmmaking from start to finish.
I really liked the casting techniques section, it helped me cast an idea I had for my latest YouTube video. I wish Amazon would let me post a link… Anyway, kudos to George for keeping his filmmaking guide simple and focused.

Nice little Movie Making Book.
S. Thomas (Austin, Texas)
This review is from: Film Crew: Fundamentals of Professional Film and Video Production (Paperback)
My mom got me this book to read before I started my first film class last semester, boy did it help. When I got to the class, I already knew a lot of the basics and could concentrate more on creating a great short film as my first project. By the end of the class, I was directing, I feel it was due to my head start at the beginning of class.

I really liked “Film Crew,” because it was a fast and easy to read. It wasn’t long and boring like the book from my TV class (that had way too much information.) “Film Crew” was actually short and to the point.

I was going to sell mine after reading it, but it’s a keeper for sure. Plus I highlighted the heck out of it!